On-site Guarding

Cosmic Security excels in on-site guarding, providing a visible and vigilant presence to safeguard your premises 24/7. Trust us for reliable protection tailored to your specific security needs.

Mobile Guarding

Cosmic Security offers dynamic mobile guarding services, ensuring flexible and responsive protection wherever you need it. Our mobile patrols prioritize your security with agility and efficiency

Remote Guarding

Cosmic Security redefines security with remote guarding, integrating state-of-the-art CCTV technology for proactive surveillance and immediate response. Your property's protection is our priority, even from a distance.

Cosmic Security, Event Security

Event Security

Cosmic Security specializes in event security, encompassing concerts, music festivals, games, and sports events. Our seasoned guards, supervisors, and smart deployment strategies ensure a seamless and secure experience for every occasion. Trust us to safeguard your events with professionalism and expertise.

cosmic security: Construction Site Security

Mobile Patrol

Cosmic Security's mobile guarding and patrolling service operates around the clock, ensuring the constant security of your sites. Our teams are trained to respond promptly to emergency situations, offering a proactive layer of protection. With agile patrols and a commitment to 24/7 vigilance, trust us for reliable and responsive security services tailored to your requirements. Your peace of mind is our priority at Cosmic Security. Experience the assurance of continuous protection with our mobile security solutions.

Cosmic Security, Event Security

Loss Prevention

Cosmic Security specializes in loss prevention and retail security, implementing proactive measures to safeguard your assets. Our experienced team is adept at deterring theft and ensuring a secure shopping environment. Trust us for comprehensive loss prevention strategies tailored to the retail industry, offering peace of mind for both businesses and customers.

cosmic security: Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security

Cosmic Security provides comprehensive construction site security, ensuring the safety of your project 24/7. Our specialized services include smart access control, vigilant monitoring, and experienced guards, contributing to a secure construction environment. Trust us to protect your construction site with precision and dedication

Cosmic Security, Fire Watch Service

Fire Watch

At Cosmic Security, our expertise extends to prompt buzzer response, ensuring swift access control, and thorough fire watch services to safeguard against potential risks. Trust us for a proactive approach to security and fire prevention tailored for your peace of mind

Cosmic Security, CCTC Surveillance Service

CCTV Surveillance

Cosmic Security's CCTV Surveillance service operates 24/7, providing vigilant monitoring for enhanced security. Our advanced technology ensures real-time oversight, offering a proactive approach to safeguarding your premises. Trust us for constant, reliable surveillance tailored to your specific needs. Your peace of mind is our priority at Cosmic Security. Experience heightened security with our dedicated CCTV services.

Concierge Services

Cosmic Security extends premium concierge services, combining security and hospitality for a seamless experience. Our dedicated team ensures a welcoming environment while prioritizing safety and security. Trust us to elevate your space with professional and attentive concierge services tailored to your needs

Cosmic Security: Shopping Mall and Store Security

Shopping Mall Security

Cosmic Security is a trusted partner for shopping mall and store security, ensuring a safe and secure environment for businesses and customers alike. Our vigilant personnel and advanced security technology work seamlessly to deter threats and protect assets. Count on us for comprehensive security solutions tailored to the unique needs of shopping establishments, enhancing the overall safety and experience for everyone

Why Do you need Security ?

Role of a Security Guard

The role of security at Cosmic Security is paramount in safeguarding people, assets, and properties. Our dedicated team, equipped with advanced technology, plays a crucial role in providing proactive protection. Whether securing events, construction sites, or retail spaces, our comprehensive security services are designed to ensure a safe and secure environment tailored to our clients' unique needs. Trust us for a vigilant and reliable security presence, contributing to your peace of mind.

Crowd Control

Cosmic Security excels in crowd control, offering effective strategies for events, concerts, and public gatherings. Our experienced team employs proactive measures to ensure a secure environment, managing crowds with professionalism and precision. Trust us for expert crowd control services that prioritize safety and enhance the overall experience for all attendees.

Powers of Arrest

At Cosmic Security, with Advanced Security Licence, our personnel are empowered with the authority and responsibility of arrest, bolstering our commitment to ensuring a secure environment. With a focus on professionalism and adherence to legal protocols, our power of arrest is wielded responsibly to deter and address potential threats, providing an added layer of protection for our clients and their assets.

Patrol Techniques

Cosmic Security employs advanced patrol techniques to enhance security measures. Our experienced teams are adept at strategic patrolling, utilizing a combination of technology and on-the-ground expertise. From mobile patrols to perimeter checks, our techniques are tailored for comprehensive coverage, ensuring a proactive approach to safeguarding your premises and assets.

Use of Force

At Cosmic Security, the use of force is a last resort, employed only when necessary to protect lives and property. Our highly trained personnel adhere to strict guidelines, prioritizing de-escalation and conflict resolution. The responsible use of force is a measured response, ensuring the safety and well-being of all parties involved while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

First Aid

At Cosmic Security, safety is paramount. Our personnel are trained in First Aid with (OFA level 1,2 and 3 training), ensuring a swift and effective response in emergencies. Whether at events, construction sites, or other locations, our commitment to providing a secure environment includes the capability to address medical incidents promptly, prioritizing the well-being of individuals under our care.